Miss Africa International UK 2020 - Winner

You have such an amazing energy that I warm up to and feel so at ease and not nervous at all. I wanted to improve my walk and my stage presence which we covered greatly and now I feel so much more confident. Thank you once again for all the tips and tricks. I am so excited to make you proud on the day of the finals. I've learned how to engage with the audience through my speech. We also spoke about how I could make myself stand out by using my ability to speak a different language "always speak from your heart". I am definitely coming back for another session.

Miss Great Britain 2019/20 - Top 7 

I can’t thank Jasmin enough, I have been in pageants myself for a long time but I knew I needed some help with my stage presence and technique to stand out on a national stage. My first time training with House of Pageantry was incredible, from the minute I walked into the room I was put at ease, a friendly, bubbly and enjoyable atmosphere all about showcasing the true me. There are small things she taught me which on stage can make a big impact. My confidence has grown so much and I can’t thank Jasmin enough, this is just the beginning and I am now so excited to be working with House of Pageantry on my journey to the Miss Great Britain finals!

Miss Galaxy Sandwell 2019

I first trained with them in 2017 for my first pageant (Miss Teen Africa UK) and I knew I had to train with them again for Miss Galaxy. Training with the House of Pageantry was an amazing experience.  They helped me by giving me ideas and skills that I can use to improve my catwalk as well giving words of encouragement to boost my confidence. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs some pageant coaching for their next competition but also just a friend or a mentor for their personal growth and I am really looking forward to my next session with House of Pageantry.

Miss Sovereign UK 2019 - 1st runner up 

I have worked with House of Pageantry from the very beginning of my pageant journey in 2017. Jasmin has been an amazing mentor and life coach to me, contributing massively to the woman I am still becoming. My pageant knowledge at the time was very minimal and over the years House of Pageantry helped me to mould my confidence, my online presence, my public’s speaking skills and system knowledge. Most importantly of all, I was taught these skills in a way where I am now able to assist others with their personal development and growth. My pageant journey is far from over and I’m very excited to know HOP supports me and stands with me as I continue to grow and compete. 

Miss Pride of Africa UK 2019 - Winner

After attending House of Pageantry’s bootcamp, I took your words for it and had a go to compete again. I had nothing to lose. I took everything I learned from the bootcamp and applied it to the pageant. You really did push me to feel like I could enjoy it as much as you and Abigail have. I went on to compete in Miss Pride of Africa UK and won. Thank you for everything you taught me.

Miss Teen Ghana UK 2018 - Top 10

I discovered House of Pageantry on Instagram a few days before my competition. I then decided to get in contact with them and they gave me a quick response and paired me with the amazing Abigail. With only 4 days to go Abigail continuously worked hard to help me deliver the best speeches. Even when i missed my Facetime session her determination to help me succeed did not deteriorate; Abigail is really a star and an amazing coach.

Miss Africa GB 2018 - Top 10

I would like to thank the House of Pageantry for their help and support. I don't know what I would have done without their services. This was my first ever pageant. They taught me everything I know about pageantry, from basic pose to my walk and speech delivery. I'm genuinely grateful for their services and professionalism. My coach worked tirelessly and she's simply the best - she's a God given gift to mankind. Not only did I gain pageantry skills but I gained skills that I can apply in other areas of life. I highly recommend their services.

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