Online Classes

Our online coaching sessions are now available for you to develop in a specific area of your pageant journey from the comfort of your home. All online classes are personalised to your needs, delivered via Skype, Zoom, Facetime and upto 60mins. Most of our online coaching sessions come alongside a handbook that will guide you. 


You will receive a link once you've booked your session.

Pageant walk coaching 

We will focus on developing your pageant walk

  • Turning 
  • Stage presence 
  • Posing 
  • Posture


Sponosorship coaching  

  • The Sponsorship Guide to securing a pageant sponsor ebook which includes a practical template
  • Tips on types of sponsorships available
  • Guidance on your approach to sponsors
  • Methods to finding a sponsor
  • Non-traditional methods of sponsorship

Social media and platform development coaching   

  • How to develop effective content
  • How to increase your following
  • How to advertise yourself on social media
  • Social media pre and post analysis
  • Social media calendar

Interview and public speaking coaching 

  • How to prepare for the pageant interview 
  • Tips on how to answer pageant interview questions 
  • Mock interview
  • Free HOP Top 15 pageant queens queens



Many contestants enter a pageant with the idea to win but once they receive their confirmation they are in the final what next ?

BecomingHer is an online class for contestants to really understand what it means to become a queen. Being a titleholder is more than just the stage but really about the beyond also. We want to provide you with skills that will help you also beyond the pageant stage. 

You will receive a set of sessions + templates and workbook. Each session is up to 60mins.

  • Personal development

  • Platform and social media
  • Interview practice + Top15 questions + mock interview

  • Sponsorship and fundraising

  • Pageant walk coaching 

  • Review session and setting goals